Nissan Maxima Computer, Nissan Maxima ECM , Used Maxima Brain

We carry many different Nissan Maxima Computers from 1985 to current model years. Our inventory changes daily and we strive to keep it organized and ready for your parts needs. Please send us a part request along with the part number that is located on your original Nissan Maxima computer. The sticker on your Nissan Maxima computer will start with 23710 or A11,A18. We need the numbers that come after this start number to better serve you.

All of our computers come with a six month guarantee and we will exchange it for another same part number Computer during that warranty period. Some of the Nissan Maxima computers that we have in stock are: A18 644 566, A18 664 E22, A18 643 565, A18 665 E27, A18 662 E80, A18 663 E21, A18 665 E83, A18 663 E25, A18 697 E90 , A18 A35 E79, A18 A14 E72, A18 A62 E14, A18 A20 E78, A18 A15 E73, A18 A13 E71, A18 A65 E17, A18 A85 E83, A18 A83 EA1, A18 A38 E94, A18 A47 E99, A18 B63 MM6, A18 B44 EL3, A18 C85 Ey1, A18 H45 E2Y, A18 E24 ER5, A18 B50 EC8, A18 B25 EB6, A18 A47 E99, A56 T68 ZP7 and more!

In the event that we do not have what your looking for, please join our mail list so that we can inform you of all new arrivals. We are the actual parts supplier, not a parts locating network that is designed to get your personal information and blast you with marketing emails until you are so frustrated that you go and by a new Nissan Maxima computer Ecm from the dealer. Many companyís have a focus of giving the illusion that they are a huge wrecking yard and that they are going to help you find the part that you need. I assure you that 99 percent of the time that this is not the case; they are simply brokers that buy from elsewhere and mark it up. We are in the business of selling Nissan and Infiniti parts. I am the supplier that supplies the brokers, so donít be fooled.

Thank you!